Frequently Asked Questions

When will there be a new litter available?

- Litter availability varies. Visit our availability page if you would like to see. If you are searching for a specific kitten, let us know! 

How much are the kittens?

- The is probably the most frequent question asked. Our kittens are currently $2,000. Included is a $500 deposit. They come with two sets of vaccinations, a general health statement from our veterinarian, and a contract upon sending the deposit, and a kitten guide.

How does your sales contract look like?

- Please contact us, we will send you a copy of our sales contract.  

How do you take deposits? 

- We take deposits through Zelle, Venmo, CashApp, and PayPal. Please be advised, until you place down a deposit for a kitten. That kitten is considered available.